Rick Ross Unhospitalized

On March 2, 2018 it was reported that Rick Ross was hospitalized and said to be on life support after being found unresponsive and foaming from the mouth in his home. Thank God that someone was around to place this 911 call so that Ross ( aka William Roberts) could receive the proper medical attention required, in a timely fashion.  Note: You may consider this audio clip graphic as it contains details regarding the rapper’s condition when he was found in distress.

alec baldwin

People from @rickforever’s camp continually denied that he was on a breathing machine and some went as far as to fetch the falsehood that he was not hospitalized.

As a rapper I find Ross very talented. Although there are some things about his personal life and relationships that I wish he would repair.

Hell, if he knew me, I’m pretty sure he would have plenty of advice for me as well. The most pertinent issue to me is his lack of a relationship with his only son. I hate imagining myself as a child watching my dad spoil my sisters, living in a mega mansion on over 200 acres of land. To learn on social media that they are prepping for a Sweet 16 party at Versace’s mansion and the price tag (subtotal) for the event is $100, 000. I just wish that he would realize that his issue is with Tia (his baby’s mom) and not Lil William (his look a like son). Seems as though God is granting him many opportunities to get this thing right. He seems to be receiving back to back wake up calls. I hope he acknowledges them.

There are 3 sides to every story. No matter which version I believe, I’m sure it does not include a dad that has had a fallen out with his 10 year old son to the point that he refuses to forgive him.


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