Tristan Cheats on His Pregnant Fiance, Khloe Kardashian


According to many blog sites (teatenders_liv, TMZ, Daily Mail etc) Tristan Thompson has been getting his groove on with someone (several someones) other than his  popular Reality TV Star 9 month pregnant “fiance” (I use that term loosely) .

The rumor started with the posting above. However many more articles of truth would shine a light on several other accusations with proof. This first video inludes 3 woman in the video as a brunette while I wonder if they just meant black? However, upon further investigation she appears biracial.



This video portrays Tristan in the company of 3 women in a strip club. He motor boats one (imbedding his face into the woman’s breast and moving his face really fast) He looked as though  he may have been unskilled in this area as he looked like a damn clown. View the video below.

The last video shows Tristian trying to creep with a THOT at his HOE-TELL room.

She’s also been associated romantically with Iman Shumpert and appeared a few weeks in photos that appeared violent  with Chris Brown. They would laster claim that the pics were notjing more than the two of them horseplaying. But you be the judge:




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