Tristan’s Other Baby’s Mama: 10 Things You Should Know



1. Her name is Jordan Craig

2. She dated Tyga at one time. (screwed. dated or whatever)

3. Her relationship with Tristan was interrupted after Tristan met Khloe at her 1st cousin’s {Eniko’s)wedding.

Jordan’s first cousin is Kevin Hart’s wife, Eniko . Khloe and Tristan met at Eniko and Kevin’s funeral wedding, where Tristan was Jordan’s date. I thought then and even more so now that that was some low gown dirty ish!

4. She was previously an “Instagram Model.

5.Khloe made sure that Tristan didn’t miss a moment.

When Jordan realized that she was in labor. Khloe arranged a private jet for Tristan , to ensure that he was there to witness the birth of his first child.

more pics and information below.


6. The only known online picture of Jordan’s son from Tristan , is one that she posted on his 1st birthday

7. Tristan once stated that it felt good to finally have a girl that could pick up the check instead of vice versa.

8. Jordan posted a cryptic message after it was announced publicly that Tristan had been caught cheating on an 8 month pregnant Khloe; It read as follows :

“If you respect yourself and you respect others, you would never make light of the misfortune of anyone, nor would you feel indemnified when it comes at the expense of others.”

9.Craig owns her own Lifestyle blog.

10. Jordan named her son Prince Oliver. It’s the first child for both she and Tristan. Tristan’s dad kept in touch with Jordan throughout her entire pregnancy and continually tried to encourage her son to do the right thing and go back to Jordan,





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