Stephanie is one of  the two chicks that could be seen in the video that was taken in October of 2017.

Stephanie is the chick that appears in the video with Tristan and the other two women. The video that Stephanie appears in was apparently taped in mid October . Now that the video has been made public, Stephanie says that she may as well mention that she;s pregnant and that the child might be Tristan’s.

Stephanie claims to have had an affair with Tristan , leaked a sex tape and text messages between the two of them. Stephanie (aka @ms.stephaniee) is said to be the second woman that appears on the video.

In the video Thompson embeds his face in her breast while laughing  and the other woman seen in the video (Marie) reaches over and rubs his crotch.

At the time the footage was taken, Kardashian should have been around 3 months pregnant.


Continue reading to see all the Thot out into getting with Tristan.MarieTristanCelebanb (  Marie is photo’d above and is the other chick in the video filmed in October.)

Marie is the chick caught grabbing his crotch and states that she didn’t know that Kardashian was with child. At the time the video was made, I can believe her. She says that she is not into breaking up happy homes. I have the feeling that she gives less than a damn though.



Stephanie claims to have had an affair with Tristan. With all of the other women and receipts, who should doubt her? Except, she claims to be pregnant with Thompson’s child and has posted a sex tape and alleges that she and Tristan are the 2  stars that appearing in the video.