Tristan’s Most Recent Tryst With Tricks


Tristan’s week was more than rough when Khloe was due to give birth to their 1st child together  (by Khloe). A daughter named True.Just nearly a year after producing a son with Jordan. pictured above. Jordan was nearly 9 months when Khloe began dating Tristan and Jordan gave birth to Thiompson’s first child, a son. During the time Jordy had the baby no one seemed to give a damn except Tristan’s dad and Jordy.

The night before Khloe gave birth, it was discivered that he’d been cheating on her. Keep reading to see the video and pics of the 3  chicks he made out at the same time and the one that stayed nearly 48 hours at the hotel where the Cleavand Cavalier spent the weekend.








Lani Blair is the woman that the Cleveland Cavaliers NBA star was caught on tape making out with in a New York night club this past weekend. The 28 year old bartender (at the strip club) spent the entire weekend in Thompson’s Penthouse.

During one of  Thompson and Blair’s outings, he sported a pair of camouflage track pants  ,  a white hoodie and a  Louis Vuitton Supreme Jacket. Blair appeared to have worn the same body suit from the previous night accompanied by a pair of Givenchy high top shoes that sell for $495.        READ MORE FOR VIDEOS AND RECEIPTS


After their Sunday outing at Soho,the pair returned to the hotel  at approximately 5:00 am Monday morning. Later that evening Tristan’s team was scheduled to play the New York Knicks. Tristan’s performance on the court since becoming involved with Khloe is said to have been lackluster and that it’s been said that he is making $16 million dollars annually for talent that has gone from sugar to sh!t. Needless to say he has taken two L’s so far this week. One for  Khloe and another to the Knicks.

The onlooker that recorded this weekend’s incident states that they were at the table next to the customer and they seemed to make out with all night, seemed to have made out all night.

They say it appears as though he used Stephanie’s phone as opposed to his that night. Blair hung on the Pro Baller’s shoulder as he talked and text on Steph’s cell phone. People requested to take selfies with him and he refused.

Lani is said to have left Tristan’s hotel room with her Louis Vuitton duffle bag around 8:00 pm on Monday evening.

See more pics and videos below


Lani Blair  (pictured above) partied and spent the entire weekend with Tristan in New York, while Khloe lay and wait to give birth to her 1st child by the NBA player in a love nest that the two have purchased together in Ohio.



Source: Splash News Credit Photo


This is the video (belows) stars Stephanie and Marie  that was taken last October. Remember, Stephanie is the chick in the video that is said to be with child!

Source TMZ


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