Khloe Gives Birth, Tristan Present and Khloe Names Baby



Khloe was said to have given birth on April 12. The birth was reportedly due to the shock of the news that her boo had cheated and the pressure or stress involved with the cheating scandal.


After receiving the news that her beau had allegedly been caught with 3 or more women, Kardashian reportedly started experiencing contractions. While some outlets report that she’d gone into early labor, it was previously reported that the baby was due in March (Anyways).

Regardless of the betrayal of trust and how angry Khloe may have been, Tristan was present during the delivery. He accompanied Kim, Kris and Khloe’s best friend Malika Haqq as they were all present at the hospital in Cleveland during the birth of the couple;s daughter that they named True Thompson.


Khloe has said had been released from the hospital. Kris stayed with her a few days after the birth of the child. She departed Ohio on April 17, 2018 and as soon as it is deemed safe for Khloe and her newborn to travel, they will return to California.


No news on the status of the current relationship. But there has got to be some tension there!


My opinion is: Khloe knew what she had when she got with him. They began dating while Thompson’s ex Jordan was 8 months pregnant. Khloe and Tristan met and Eniko and Kevin Hart’s wedding. (Eniko and Jordan are 1st cousins) where Jordan and Tristan attended as a couple. Thompson left a whole pregnant fiance to be with Khloe.


naming the baby Karma would have been appropriate. However, Khloe chose this name in honor of her Grandfather and another relative that carried the same title.


Source: TMZ, People

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