ABOUT RHOA Season 10’S 3 Part Reunion..Congrats Kenya And Bye Sheree…….. AGAIN

RHOASCELEBAMNESIAThe RHOA Season 10 was pure entertainment .

I was glad to see Ne Ne Leakes (the  matriarch of the show ) return ..She always comes back bigger and better. Proof her brand new mansion that she recently moved in, and has barely had time to fart in it before Brielle (Kim Zolciak’s eldest daughter)sent out a snap chat calming to see roaches in Ne Ne’s bathroom. To me they were clearly water bugs. That was rather rude, However, not only as rude as  Kim passing the video to all the girls in the group trying to shame Ne Ne,

Kandi will keep a spot, she will always have a story line as she is always recreating herself or a new business venture.Baby will be good with or without ROHA.

Porsha should seemingly be happy that they a-LIE-gations of Kandi’s alleged sex dungeon and rape allegation carried over into this season, or there would be nothing else to show expect for those fake  ass dates with Bernice Jenkins I meant Rickey Smiley. So hopefully she will have the entire center to try to come up with some sense and a story line that would help he to continue filming thou season 12 she will find herself with Kim Z-B’s best friend:

Sheree After she was extended the offer to  regain her position as a permanent peach,  which only lasted two more season. During season 9 she’d dragged her ex-husband (ole bad eye Bob) back into the limelight. She first tried to play like she had some sort of rekindled interest in him and then dug up some things that she never mentioned before, like him physically abusing her. He admitted to it in a joking way. In addition to this for Seasons 9 and 10 she renamed herself The Bone Collector. Based on the idea that she’d gained to tell everything that she heard (which was not cute). Season 10 Whitfield was in love with a Federal prisoner . doing time for fraud and due to get out in 2022.He called her every 15 minutes called and talked that damn jail talk but even Andy Cohen and the team could see through that sh_t.Not to mention the lie that she mentioned about her  lifestyle like work out gear . When asked on the reunion she said that it’s due out Spring/Summer September 2018. (when the heck is that February 31st?) Regardless SHE HAS BEEN GIVEN THE BOOT AGAIN.

I’ve found a new like  for “Kenya Moore”. When the others come out of their moth slick, she gets with them GANGMAN STYLE. She still needs to decide what she will do because if Marc/Tuapc (her husband()decides to not be a part of the show she may be leaving her peach out to dry up as an apricots. Congratulations on her baby that she and her husband are having. You better keep  that Job girl.



Cynthia Bailey is cute but 51  going in 16. I like her personality but Peter has more excitement than she does. Soooooooooooooooo…

Marlo Hampton does not need a peach. I don’t care how she come up with her money but she is ling about it.e i’m om  it who in the heck wants etiquette classes from her heavy tongue ghetto, Edward scissor hands ass? I’ll wait……………….

From what I understand, Shamea should have been in that domestic violence commercial because from what understand her current husband allegedly beats the breaks off her’. She needs to keep her peach at home.

 EVA from ANTM  seems as though she may do well on the show, However, with her fiance having lost the mayoral race after her appearance if he plans to remain in the political game, she may want to make her trendy glasses, care for her babies and keep getting paid for her pretty green eyes *modeling. Those other housewives seem to bring out the worst in folk,


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