Teyanna Taylor and Iman Shumpert Reportedly Separating After Cheating.


7:32pm May 3. 2018

She has blatantly said that this news was a lie. We will sit right here and keep our eye on this supposed lie, to make sure that it doesn’t come keep happening true! Just for Teyanna and Junie’s sake!


So after this newly famous couple were introduced to the world thanks to the NBA Player (Iman Sumpert)and  Kanye West requesting that she be the star of one if his most recent videos, It has been reported that Teyanna has found that Iman was stuntin with one of the same chicks that Khloe Kardashian’s baby mama daddy, Tristan was caught with. It’s been said we can expect a formal announcement soon. Regardless of the validity of the story I hope that it results in something positive something that can easily be excused and explained and that Petunia (in this case Teyanna) doesn’t have to go upside b***h head!

Their 8 episode  VH1 Reality Show will be ending sooner than  you guys were promised. Some say that it’s due to the rumored affairs others say that , We Just Weren’t That Into Them) in other words the show produced low ratings. I bet everyone out here knows someone who swears that their family have such an interesting story to share and that they would have the bomb ratings. I’m not one of those folks . I’ve been told that by the end of our 1st season everyone would be locked up, beat up or jailed! It was funny but true AF



The Streets (Mama Joyce j/k) says that Teyana is so pissed that she has decided to end the 1st season ( and probably doesn’t have to worry about an invite for a 2nd one) early and changed her mind about delivering the 8 shows. But, if you have seen any episode o’ve f it

kandiiweseeeachothervrlrbabn(WE SEE EACH OTHER)In other word’s it’s probably ending due to their low ass ratings, Petunia! 

If you are unaware with whom I referring to then I will tell you how I first remember finding out who they are.

About 11 or 12 years ago a “young black woman” in the making was celebrating her 16 years old birthday on My Super Sweet 16. She was tomboy-ish and really into skate boarding and rap. She was such a cute girl to me. She loved riding her skate board. She was such a beautiful  young lady. She decided that her grand entrance would be inside a Mattel Barbie Box.

TeyannaTaylorSuper Sweet16celbamn

At the time she was signed to Pharrell’s label and we were informed the her mom was a party/planning and entertainment coordinator. At this same time Teyana hinted around that her dad is in her life but they have all agreed to not reveal his identity .  Either he is married or she is trying to make a name for herself.  He was supposedly Mr. Karl Kani. One of the FUBU designers or some other rich Caucasian fashion guru  .At the time of MTV’s special I thought baby could grow up and be a model if she wanted to (with her strong features. Cheek Bones, Lips, hair and she has admitted having plastic surgery in different interviews.

She’s also had  a mishap with a so called best friend .That friend played on the Hit Series Show (“The Game”)  and Teyana found out that her (now) ex NBA Beau/Fiance (as she referred to him)was banging her FRIEND. SHE DROPPED THEM BOTH. Teyanna says the  fact that sh’d given her virginity to Brandon Jennings, thinking that they would one day marry, really hurt her.

Brandon started going at Tae Heckford harder and the two even became engaged once Teyanna found out. But, if you haven’t met Karma before, you will. Brandon would soon dump Tae and she began dating Nelly and even that relationship ran a short course as Nelly shortly started dating Miss Jackson soon after. So upon checking Tayenna 1 (Teyanna’s former faux ex best-friend)actually gave birth to Jennings baby in 2015. (The only advice I would have for Tae is Talk to Khloe girl ).



MARRIAGE, Teyanna made an appearance last year on Wendy Williams and slipped and confirmed lied  that she and Iman were married. I’m assuming that they eventually tied the knot.

We will find out soon when they are about to divorce or shall I say separate. ( I swear I try to keep it positive, but KEEPING IT real at the same damn time and..reminds you that The Truth Hurts) Oh in case you were wondering Tae has also been linked to the hoods’ baby daddy Stevie J.

Click here for the Wendy interview With Teyanana)
TALENT:  In case you’ve never heard of the 27 year old beauty prior to the birth of her daughter Junie or before she landed her NBA Beaux, She was best friend with Chris Brown (referring to him as her brother ) and reportedly threatning Rhianna and Karruche in regard Chris. (More on that later)   In my eyes she’s an underrated triple threat. She sings, raps and dance in just one show (Ask UTFO  LOL) she models, bikes, etc. Damn near pro when it comes to riding BMX bikes and as I mentioned the skateboard)etc.  I really hope her and Iman can make it .

Back in the day I would be to quick to throw a dude under the bus when I found out that he did something that I deemed unsavory. These men need to be stronger emotionally and be happy with what they got at home. As I get older #2 goimh on 28 I see what women mean by cheating is not a deal breaker (ask Beyonce. Waka’s wife Tammy . Dominique Penn and a few others).  No that does not give you a pass to cheat. nor does it mean that I wont set your clothes and car on fire. And It more or less is a warning to find a weak b***ch that decides to continually take chances with you, and reinforces that you have no business trying Basically I’m willing to give you a chance to tell me what you think you are missing. Your chance to tell hat you get you had to go outside to be fulfilled because you may see something that I don’t.

I’m hoping that these are rumors! If not Teyanna has a hustle about herself. One part being dancing so she will land on her feet I’m sure,

BY THE WAY: She claims this is a rumor…”ummm”



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