My mom gave birth to me a day after my daddy was busted as a serial cheater. Who am I? As a matter of a fact she looks like her daddy. Click continue and find out!



Khloe’s baby True Thompson recently celebrated her 1 month birthday ( I Know Right?) As part of the celebration Khloe posted the 1st pics of her baby girl who was named after her grandfather. I guess that’s False!


I don’t know why all of these bi-racial babies are coming out looking Blasian. When they are bi-racial but: black and white.  (Lots of that happening) I don’t that the “Black Race is becoming extinct. Hoerver, I will say that most of the children being born, introduced into the life of or born to to parents with money, At this point we can get with it, jump ship or swim and mind our business, I will go with the latter of the 3.  I love Khloe out of all of the Kardashians, Still say that she should have named her baby Karma; so….OK