R. Kelly’s Ex Wife Drea Appears in Interview on Talk Show “Sister Circle”


On an interview that aired yesterday on Sister Circle, R. Kelly’s Ex-Wife and mother of his 3 children, Drea spoke in an interview with Syleena Johnson. Re-living the mental and verbal abuse that she faced. She became emotional as she describes the moment that God told her it was time to leave her then husband, Robert Kelly.


In the past I’ve heard her discuss her marital abuse in greater detail than what she spoke on yesterday. She once talked about being locked in closets for days at a time, etc. Her heartbreaking interview can be seen if you continue to read. Her basic message is that she is God’s child and until R. learns to treat her better or apologizes for what he’s done to to her that the hell that he seems to be experiencing now, is nothing. Watch for yourself!


R Kelly’s Ex-Wife & Mother To His 3-Kids Sobs Describing Escape From Domestic Abuse & Sultry Voice [Video]

In the wake of the #metoo movement, many women have come forward to ensure that Kelly is included and punished for what he has allegedly done to multiple underage women. The claims range from holding multiple under age and women over 18 hostage.

In the past, video has surfaced that was said to show E. Kelly having sex and pissing on an under aged girl. Upon being indicted by a grand jury and facing trial , he was found innocent as what they seen on tape did not prove that he was the male commuting the sexual encounter in beyond a reasonable doubt.

Other than accusation the only thing that we do know is that R. Kelly wed under aged singer Aaliyah, before her passing. So while he has left room for little doubt in certain people’s minds, he is still innocent until proving guilty.

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