Shiggy Talks Popularizing Drake’s “In My Feelings” With Creative Dance

DrakeinmyFeelingsShiggycelebAmnesia Unless you have been under a rock or absent on social media, you know that Drake’s new album (Scorpion) was recently released. One of the tracks seems to have taken on a life of its own after an internet comedian sensation created a dance challenge to Drake’s single “In My Feelings”. The song and dance have become a viral sensation ,  and many people have taken to their social media pages to partake in the challenge. It’s a cute dance and it’s fun to see people of all races and social statuses participate in the dance challenge. Even a couple of guys in prison. LMBO. It’s very entertaining and good to see us unite in one thing that usually doesn’t discriminate (dance and  music). Continue reading to see the incarcerated men and several stars doing the Shiggy. Check out the videos and Shiggy’s explanation as to why and how he thinks he has been compensated can also be seen after the break!

Russell and Ciara Wilson


Odell Beckham Jr


Fans take on the challenge. Some are hopping out of cars and standing on motorcycles!

Here, Shiggy explains how he helped and if he could possibly assist others to elevate their songs to go viral or number 1#. Personally. I don’t think there will be that many more successors. Now a days there aren’t that many successors. We can’t say for sure.. yo are only as good as your last song /dance/moneymaker. In the meantime “Get Shiggy With It”. LOL

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