Quad Lunceford of Married to Medicine’s Divorce Status




You may or may not know that the most popular couple on Bravo’s M2M are in the midst of a divorce. The soon to be single lady has created a few of her own ventures and it has been stated that her soon to be ex-husband plans to request spousal support.

Quad Lunceford who is currently still wed to  Dr. Gregory Lunceford. a Psychiatrist that has been featured on the popular reality show since season one, initially advised the public in 2017 that they should not be surprised if they hear that she and her husband have split. Ms. Quad attributes the break-up to alleged adultery on her husband’s part . She’s stated that she wants babies but she has been hesitant to do so,  due to the fact that  that she feels that it would be unfit to bring a child into the world amongst the disarray of her marital status. She states that she has tried  working it out but to no avail and she has repeatedly stated that she refuses to be unhappy!


Quad  tends to keep herself busy by operating a line of doggie apparel that she has created. If you are interested in new and creative duds for your dogs her website  can be found by clicking here. The name of  her company  is Picture Perfect Pup. Her items are reasonably priced. They appear to be durable and made from quality material.


In addition to her puppy apparel she is also 1/4 of the cast of a new talk show based out of Atlanta called The Sister Circle. The other 3 hosts include

grammy nominated singer.  Syleena Johnson

“R&B Divas” TV star; Rashan Ali and

stand-up comedienne, radio personality and actress Kiana Dancie.

Quad Webb-Lunceford adds that they have went as far as to attend marital counseling but were kicked out.

Quad Webb-Lunceford filed for a divorce on May 1, 2018, Again, she alleges that Dr G had literally been caught red handed (or shall I say with his pants down)  in a hotel room with another woman. He completely denies it and states that that on May 14, 2018 and that his wife removed marital property from the home, including the furniture . ( I’m thinking ” What’s the problem?”)  He states that they’d been married for 6 years and some of the items that she removed were items that were his before they wed,


In addition to allegedly requesting spousal support, he’s demanding some of this property back and that his wife picks up the tab for his legal fees.

Quad maintain that there is not a job, friendship or marriage worth risking her happiness for. She simply states that life is too short.


On another note,  Dr Simone and her husband Cecil have decided to reconcile.. Even after he’d seemed to have moved on , even to the point of being on vacation with his new woman and being photographed. It takes a few seconds or 1 slip up to cause a person to lose trust in  you and can take up to a lifetime to gain it back. In actuality, I trust no one. That seems so negative to say. How about I trust people to be who they are??


What are your feeling on this subject?




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