Rest In Power: The Trayvon Martin Story


In case you missed it, on July 30, 2018 the new Paramount Network and BET aired The Trayvon Martin Story. This documentary basically took you behind the scenes. revealing things that had never been mentioned in the press. It gives you an inside look of the habits that would lead one to believe that prejudice was the basis of this shooting and that Zimmerman is an overzealous wanna be cop. His intention seemed to be to  make life miserable and claiming to feel threatened or obviously just annoyed because of the attitude that the neighborhood had toward this group of people that they  considered inferior to them and unworthy to reside in their territory.

The Documentary reminds you that this case should not interest you just as a person of color but should open your eyes to the fact that anyone can become a target if you fall into the category of  what makes another uncomfortable. A person can claim to be uncomfortable or threatened by you, because you  are unwelcome within their confines.  Prejudice does not just refer to color and sometimes the over- attempt to implement punishment or prosecution, leads to exoneration or a not guilty verdict. Just ask Casey Anthony and OJ.

If you missed it feel free to watch and leave your opinions in the comment section.

Click here to view “Rest In Power: The Trayvon Martin Story”

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