Bobby Brown’s Kids and Baby’s Mamas

Bobby Brown was/is the father of 7 children. His eldest son Landon (1986) .Born to Brown and Melika Williams .  Brown bore two children with Kim Ward, daughter Laprincia (1989) and Bobby Jr.  {1992). During his marriage to the late Whitney Houston, they conceived a daughter, Bobbi Kristina Brown Brown (1993-2015) .

With his most recent wife  Alicia, they have had 3 children , a son Cassius Brown (2009),  daughter Bodhi Jameson Rein Brown (2015)and another daughter , Hendrix Estelle Sheba Brown (2016).

Even at 50 years Bobby’s hands are full!





We know that Amnesia is a partial loss of memory. It seems that Bobby Brown sometimes forgets to mention the children that he had prior to the 3 that he has with his current wife. Because we aren’t all nosey we fail to know few details on any of his other baby’s moms. However, We gotcha covered!




We know that Amnesia is a partial loss of memory. It seems that Bobby Brown sometimes forgets to mention the children that he had prior to the 3 that he has with his current wife. Because we aren’t all nosey we fail to know few details on any of his other baby’s moms. However, We gotcha covered!


His first child Landon who goes by Instagram/Twitter handle @barisford, is Bobby’s oldest child. Landon Brown was born on June 22, 1986  *32 Years Old during the time of this entry* in Los Angeles, California to Bobby Barisford Brown and Melika Payne, who was once  married to Martin’s co-star Carl Payne (for 20 yrs), who played as Cole Brown. He’s been with plenty of Hollywood’s rebound chicks.  (women that who were initially with mainstream  stars.) Therefore, I’m not surprised. Melika is an attractive woman and she seemed to do fine raising her son as a single parent.


Image result for landon brown mother

Image result for landon brown mother

Bobby was not around during the majority of his oldest child’s life. However, Landon deems moments that they spent together as valuable time and holds a great respect for his brothers and sisters.


The eldest Brown boy is a self-proclaimed actor and assistant director. He has lists parts of his resume , some of which include:  


Second Unit Director or Assistant Director

In addition to roles in which he appeared on talk shows such as Tyra Banks and Being Bobby Brown in which he states that he appeared as himself.


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Second Baby’s Mother, Kim ( Mother of 2)


Kim Ward is the mother of Bobby’s next 2 children. Bobby Jr and LaPrincia. She’s the one that was pregnant at the same time as Whitney when Houston-Brown’s pregnancy ended in a miscarriage.


Kim managed to be a TRUE savage  and carried a gut full of Brown,.  TWICE. (LOL)

La Princia (1989) and then also giving birth to Bobby Jr. (1992)



LaPrincia Brown pictured with her husband


Bobby Brown Jr

LaPrincia and Brown Jr were also the 2 that Bobby spent years in and out pf court for because Kim wanted her dam* child support coins.

Baby’s Mama #3


Now this was a close call. Until Whitney had a miscarriage, she and Kim were pregnant at the same time.

We are all aware of Mrs. Whitney Houston Brown. Bobby Brown’s 1st wife and the mother of Bobbi Kristina. After BKB was born to the married couple on March 4, 1993 and passed on July 26, 2015 (over a broken heart that she said could not ,get over without her best friend/mommy, after her  mom’s  life ended  in circumstances similar to her daughter’s It’s reported that one common player was available during both fatal incidents. However, the young man that claimed that he and Bobby Kristina were foster siblings, turned lovers  swore that Whitney took him in at 12 because his mom abandoned him. A  few shows and a few deaths later both mother and daughter would end up dead, with Nick Gordon around during both deaths. Bobby Brown did everything that he could to prove that this “boy” has a problem and had something to do with his daughter’s death but a judge did not rule in his Bobby”s  favor.

Lately , Nick Gordon has been allegedly accused and arrested for beating several girlfriends and threatening to cause other physical body harm to others since Bobbi Kris’ incident took place. (look forward to more later)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Alicia Etheridge- Bobby Brown’s 2nd Wife                                                                                    and mother of his 3 youngest CHURRENS!     


According to many publications  it had  been reported that Alicia met Whitney years  prior to her divorce from Bobby and and shared a romantic relationship with him before their marriage ended, Well. be it true or false, so many things have surfaced with people no longer here to confirm or deny we are all determined to make our own judgment.

VH1's 3rd Annual 'Dear Mama: an Event to Honor Moms', Arrivals, Los Angeles, USA - 03 May 2018

Cassius Brown 2009    Bodhi Jameson Rein Brown on July 9, 2015 and Hendrix Estelle Sheba Brown on July 21, 2016




Bobbi Kristina elected not to attend her dad\s wedding because she did not like his mate.

Bobby allegedly found out about an affair between Tupac and Whitney

Landon referred to his step-dad, Carl Payne as “dad”

Alicia is Bobby’s manager and once worked for Whitney as well

Bobby has suffered 2 heart attacks and a stroke

“Being Bobby Brown” is still the highest rated reality show to debut on Bravo

Alicia Etheredge -Brown is   the Executive Producer of Bobby’s movie which gave her the liberty to add or take away things that could be allowed to show her in a negative or positive light. Which would explain how she had the opportunity to explain what a wonderful relationship that she has with his side of the family (side eye)

Regardless of what Alicia states, Bobby’s family clarifies that they have no relationship with them”thanks to her” . She refuses to allow him to visit, speak to or financially assist anyone on the opposing side of his family. His sister went as far as to posting this information LOUD and C L E A R to Facebook immediately after part 2 of The Bobby Brown Story  Including the fact that he would not wire $20 to one of his family members that was in dire need of it. I know that’s his money, he earned it and probably owes no one money, it’s just not a good look.






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