Mother of 8 Killed By Husband

Domestic Violence Victim Ashley Stephens Death

-A mother of 8 in Jacksonville, Florida was allegedly shot and killed by her husband

-Husband  had a history of domestic violence

-Children range in age between 4 and 18 years old

-Husband fled the scene and was later caught

-Family creates a GoFundMe Account: What I have observed with donation accounts

A mother of 8 was found shot and killed in the parking lot of Cross Creek Apartments in Jacksonville, Florida .

On October 6, 2018 police were dispatched to the apartment complex after receiving reports of shots fired. The woman was declared deceased when the police arrived. Neighbors reported seeing the victims husband fleeing in a small car shortly after the shooting.

Family members state that the couple had a rocky relationship. They were estranged couple, at times  were cordial and then could later be found ridiculing one another on social media.

Ashley filed for a restraining order in December of 2017. The temporary order was not extended past the initial two weeks as neither party showed up to court to ask that the complaint be extended for  protection or to negate the accusations. In addition to the protection order, Mrs. Stephens filed a petition for a divorce 3 months after they were married. However, she would later vacate the request. The accused killer. Marco Stephens. filed for divorce in November 2017. The case is still pending.

According to WJXT, in  addition to charges filed by Mrs. Stephens, Marco has had at least 3-4 domestic restraining order requests with different females dating back to 2011. The  charges  were always dropped as the complainants failed to comply.  Similar to Ashley’s  information included in police reports and restraining order requests the women complained about being punched in the face and even being choked until they passed out.  Yet no one saw fit to follow through with charges.

On Saturday evening Marco Stephens was found in Pasco County, FL driving his wife’s car and covered in blood, according to and the Jacksonville Sherri’s Office. The husband was taken into custody.

Balloon Release, GoFundMe Account, Fund Raisers 

Ashley Stephen’s Family has scheduled  a balloon release at the Riverwalk  , downtown near the Jacksonville Landing at 7pm. They state that the public is welcome.  Anyone that plans to participate, please bring purple balloons, in honor of Domestic Violence Victims.

Almost immediately after this incident occurred the family set up a GofundMe account in hopes to receive at least $10.000 that was said to go toward her burial.

After 3 days the account had only reached approximately four hundred and some off dollars. While I noticed that when it is involving a situation that seems frivolous to some and people of non color the goal is met or succeeded within a day or so. It may be me, but that’s what appears to me. There are several examples. One or two of the most memorable to me are George Zimmerman and the little boy who was bullied (allegedly) but his mom was found to be race related. Google and you will find causes that you probably consider worse than this. I guess it;s whatever is near and dear to your heart and pockets .. after all ITS YOUR MONEY AND THEY WANT IT NOW .

I don’t pretend to know how anyone deals with grief so I don’t say or suggest what people should do or say after certain situations occur. However, a family member of the victim took to Stephen’s page and basically said that the people that are claiming to be her friend should STFU if they earn”t donating at least $5 to her account. Everyone is not able. Also, I don’t think that this is a way to encourage anyone to help out.

There were additional fund raisers established, such as car washes and fish frys to raise money. I have not followed up on the story but I hope the fundraisers were successful. I encourage anyone who can give to give. After all 8 children have been left motherless and will need assistance and it would be nice to see an outpouring of love to assist them.

To link to the Gofund me page , click here Ashley Stephen’s Go Fund Me Account.

Note : Upon searching to post the address I see that $544 of $10,000 goal has been raised within a 13 day period.

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