Remember When: The Kardashian’s Committed Credit Card Fraud




The Kardashian’s were once in trouble for stealing  $120K -$200k from Brandy and Ray J’s mom, Sonja Norwood. At the time of the theft Kim was employed as Ray Jay’s jumpoff  Brandy’s stylist and Khloe was also said to be employed (as a bodyguard, maybe).

The charges filed against the 4 oldest  Kardashian’s alleged that the charges were made in 2006 and  2007. Kim’s clan claimed that the accusations were absurd and that they were eager to prove it. The Norwood’s insisted that neither of the 4 were ever authorized to make charges using their cards and were seeking $120 k plus 10%. Then Sonja recalled one instance that Kim was given permission to use the American Express Card in 2004. However, that was the extent of any permission granted to use the card by the Norwoods.


After continually denying that they were responsible for the charges, the Kardashians eventually admitted that they used the Amex card to purchase items to assist in the stocking and opening of their Dash and Smooch stores, for a total of $120,636. Kim admitted that after using the card first, she past the number along to her siblings.


So yes, their family had money, but that doesn’t mean that they offered assistance to their offspring to become entrepreneurs. They had to get up, get out and get something!


The family agreed to settle their dispute outside of court.

Never forget!


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