The Have and The Have Nots: Real Life Couples That May Surprise You




Known as the late “Erica” on  The #HAHN, the actress was portrayed as an escort and had managed to  slither her way into Judge David Harrington’s by way of  Candace Young’s scheming demands. While Erica and David had great chemistry on the show, click below to find out who Erica’s real love /co-worker is.







Presilah Nunez  and Brett Davis aka mobster Mitch Malone have been hot and heavy for years now. Just like Tika and Nicholas James, they look like a great couple who seem to enjoy one another’s company.


When I first discovered that they were in a relationship, I was somewhat shocked. However, They appear to be in love, both attractive people and you only live once.


Although Presilah Nunez was recently killed off of the popular sitcom, she has managed to maintain her roles on at least two  television shows NCIS and Designated Survivor.

I wish the couple the best. Fell free to comment and advise on rather or not you’re shocked to find out that these two are involved?






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