Remy Ma’s Shooting Incident That Led To Prison Sentence (SEVERAL PICS)


Many folks have forgotten the events that lead up to Remy Ma serving Seven Winters & Six Summers at Riker’s Island Prison. So here goes!!

In July of 2007 Remy Ma aka Reminisce Smith-Mackie (23) was charged with attempted murder , assault and criminal possession of a weapon after a woman, that claimed to be her friend was said to have stolen between $3000-$5000 from Remy’s purse. According to Remy and real friends, this was not the victim’s first time taking money from Remy.



After realizing that her money was missing, yet again, she followed Barnes-Joseph to Joseph’s White Nissan Maxima. The incident was said to have occurred in The Meat Packing District of New York on Washington street near W. 14th Street.

Joseph was found shot in her car close to 4 am. The car door was open. Inside the car it was obvious that a violent incident had taken place. There was blood, scattered mail, a black bra and a gold stiletto pump.

Later a black Cadillac Escalade registered to the rapper was found crashed a few blocks away from the scene of the crime.



Ms. Joseph worked at a real estate office in Manhattan. They were said to be celebrating a friends birthday. The party eventually wrapped up at a pizza restaurant. The restaurant’s owner stated that he he’d never seen Smith in his club before and he had no knowledge of any dispute.

It’s believed that Smith exited her SUV and joined Barnes in her car. During this time Remy is said to have demanded Barnes-Joseph’s purse or that she just give her the money. Joseph declined and it was reported that they tussled over her purse and the gun went off in error.

Truth is, the only 3 that will ever know is Smith, Barnes-Joseph and The Lord. The only thing that I think can be confirmed is that the victim was shot. If the media is correct in reporting that witnesses were threatened and offered cash prior to the rapper’s arrest to deny seeing Remy in the area.

She was eventually sentenced to 8 years. In which Papoose would stick by her and eventually marry her.



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