REMY MA Victim Was Trolled After Giving Her Interview After She Was Shot (Video)


There was an original recording in which Makeda Barnes called Miss Jones and was dogged out by the hosts. The victim’s attorney was present on the phone with the victim and Miss Jones became impatient and dismissed the two from the phone. However, if I remember correctly. Miss Jones (the host) was bias and on Remy’s side.

Makeda called in first to address Miss Jones who questioned the jury’s verdict saying Remy’s sentence was excessive. Makeda disagreed and stated:

“This thing makes me cry every time I talk about it,” said Barnes-Joseph, who was shot in the stomach by the rapper. “I have these ugly scars. … My stomach is crazy.”
In response to Remy’s sentence:
“She’s got a kid. She’ll come out in eight years and see her kid,” she said. “I might not be able to have kids.”

Remy responded to the call from jail . She called the radio station after being sentenced and hauled away for 8 years. Jail has really helped her mature, but listen to her account.

Makeda originally attempted to file a civil suit for 20 million dollars (I was not made aware of the 100 million Remy referred to). The suit was dropped the day before criminal court started.

Remy also said that she was offered 3 years but refused to take time for something that she did not agree with because she was not guilty. Therefore she took it to trial and received a 8 year sentence. Remy states that she could never forgive the victim as the shooting was not on purpose.

While she didn’t seem to fare well once she arrived home but, she went from an independent artist to a recording deal and has since bought a mansion in N. Carolina and two clothing stores.

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