Kim Porter’s FAMILY Past Tragedies Revealed


UPDATE: 11/28/2018  After all of these years of being informed of the fact that Kim Porter and Rich Porter, whom was portrayed in the movie “Paid In Full” as, this has been proved  to be misinformation. I don’t blame myself, but the fact that I had no means of easily researching when the movie was hitting and the LIE was going around ! LESSON: The internet “aint nuttin to f*ck with! 

So after watching “Paid In Full” and listening to a detailed interview yesterday morning with Azie. I felt it very ironic once I logged off and back on , to hear about the sad passing on Kim Porter. Although I’d seen the movie and interview many times, I can never get over how slimmy some of those suspects were in the movie,in real like.

The movie was based on 3 local drug dealers who dropped money on a variety of cars, girls, jewelry.
#FACTS the Porter family had suffered many tragedies in their life. In New York in the late and 80’s early 90’s Kim Porter’s 11-12 years old younger brother and Rich Porter (25 years old) were killed.

They were two separate issues. In that one of the issues involved extorting or black mailing Kim’s brother Richie for 1/2 million dollars for his brother’s release. A few weeks later Richie and family received an anonymously . He truly loved his brother, reared him as if he was his child. He was basically a father figure to the seen, a little more than 13 years old. The would find his brother dead a few weeks later and his lie in Uncle had the nerve to be the one that set up the kidnapping. During the end, Kim’s (Rich)was killed by his best friend Alpo.

Alpo later admitted to killing several of his “friends and enemies”. Alpo was giving life. However, once agreeing to testify many others whom he named as co- defendants or co conspirators and he was eventually let out after sering 14-20 months. Many said that he should have remained in jail longer as he is really a Menace ii Society.

I would have nothing to do with him. How would you handle it


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