Kim Porter’s Passing At 47 years old


I was shocked to hear of the passing of Kim Porter at only 47 years old. This was heartbreaking. She seemed so sweet and humble. She appeared to be a great mother with a wonderful heart! Ironically, the morning before I heard of her passing, I’d been watching the movie “Paid In Full”., that somewhat loosely  detailed a few tragedies that her family was forced to deal with.

KIM PORTER- was a model, actress and socialite. She and Diddy shared a personal bond that surpassed the end of their ” public romantic relationship”ens if their :She shared a special bond with Diddy and I totally understand, no matter what, I don’t understand and I think I will never understand how a 47 year old single mother of 4 is gone. just like that! ( I realize that she was not super human and it happens to us all.. younger and in more tragic situations)


I understand the will of the Lord and and happens everyday.This has honestly struck a nerve in me. I’m sure that her passing may have had no more of a trauma or grief on any other person who has lost someone this close to them. However, for some reason, her happiness, humility, love and support seemed to have molded her into an elevated spirit, that many of us may never understand. Diddy’s love and respect stood someone undisputed when it came to Kim. I don’t I understand . They spent, and other celebrationsKIMORTERCELEBAMNESIA7

Lord only knows what @ladykp battled on the inside. With open arms , she appeared and loved the children that he had outside of hers. A lot can be said about @Diddy as well, because regardless of what part those other women played om his life, he made it an issue to take her and his children on an annual vacation. took on the responsibility of taken care of her 27 y/o son by r & B crooner Al, B Sure. furnished her lifestyle with no court ordered custodial situation or visiting schedule, they worked it all out.

porter fam

I’ve never heard her speak ill of any of her ex’s or children’s father and likewise. Since her relationship with Diddy, I have never known nor heard of her being romantically linked to anyone else. That’s rather shocking because she was such a beautiful woman that I’m sure could have had her pick of the litter. Diddy can try and masque it in anyway possible, but in the first few comments, he all but said that she and he were still getting it in. PHOTO SOURCE: ALAMY

Her relationship with her eldest son  Quincy Brown (with Al B Sure) seems to mimic that of a sister brother relationship as opposed to mother and son. They loved one another dearly and remind me of the relationship that I share with my children.

In addition to Diddy and Quincy, my heart heart goes to their 20 year old son Christian, 10 year old twin daughters, Jesse and D’lila as well as two other children that were born outside of their union; Justin and Chance.


I have more to add in a separate post. Just to highlight and define some instances and interests in her life that you may have never been aware of. I’ve always inquired about her life as, in depth from what was portrayed through the streets,media and movies.

I pray that this lady is able to rest in peace and that her babies find peace. love and light. I pray that they are surrounded by people that have their best interest at heart. Because the negativity that I failed to amass in my praise, I cannot ignore the hostility that blatantly appeared between she and Cassie. i may be bias in saying that I don’t feel that it was KP who initiated it nor can I lie and say that it did not occur,

Referencing the movie that I spoke of earlier, I followed that by an interview with Azie    (another key player portrayed in the film) and another BOY named Alpo. If you ever have a little more than two hours to spare and are interested in hearing the story of 3 hood dudes who take over a neighborhood then, I believe that you will enjoy this movie.

This sweet soul seemed to have suffered so much throughout her life and still stood strong with her head held high. I salute her and may her soul rest among the other angels of good will.

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