Dallas Austin Pays Tribute to Kim Porter Pics & Videos via Social Media and at Homegoing


DALLASANDKIMPCELEBAMNESIA Kim Porter was born on December 16, 1971 in Columbus, GA and passed to an undisclosed related short-term illness likened to the flu or pneumonia on November 15, 2008

Prior to Diddy , Kim dated Dallas Austin and even attended their high school prom with him in 1988, He gave a touching post and reflected at her home going service on how she was all he knew, ALL OF HIS LIFE. In so many words, he recalled how they met in kindergarten and both ended up in the ATL on successful paths at one point. He then informed everyone of a little known fact that The Movie Drumline was loosely based on the relationship that the two shared.  Nick Cannon portrayed  Austin and Zoe Saldana portrayed Porter. 


Dallas Austin speaks at Kim Porter’s Homegoing Service

Aide from the undying love of family friends that stick around, there is the love and support that never leave and the friends that you have made a long the way that you had no ideas the impact that you left on their lives, Friends and strangers a like. I;m sure she knew he loved her but had no idea how much their lifelong relationship meant to him. No matter what country or road she traveled, no matter what family she created on the way, she seemed to have captured a part of Dallas’ life that will forever live on.


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