Little Women LA : Britney Says She Let This Rapper Smash


Brittney Guzman recently interviewed with Jason Lee on Hollywood Unlocked and gave an in depth interview. She talks about everything from using normal facilities as a little person, the reason that she quit the reality show and gives an example of words that can be used when referring to people with dwarfism without being offensive.Jason Lee’s (messy a$$. In the beginning she tried to pu$$y-foot’ around the fact that they were actually intimate. Jason Lee, being his normal inquisitive self.


Jason strategically asked (well not really), but she admitted to having sex with @OFFICIALBOOSIEIG aka BAD ASS BOOSIE and although a bit hesitant, she all but came out and said that they  fckd . I don’t care that this happens because little lives matter too. I know that we are judgmental, however, I cant help but see a man that enjoys adventures. Trying all the coochles (hitting every girl in the world). I just remind you all that that this occurred and you may think I’m wrong but low key, I think that people who enjoy that. may have a fetish, He has never responded therefore there is no way that he has seen the video as he would have dragged her for filth by now,

So as a courtesy, I will re-post Jason  Lee’s video. Because we care and we haven’t forgotten!

Boosie loves to snap on:

Gay Folks

Poor people

Fat people

Fans that he gives crazy commands to such as showing their private parts with false hops of getting with then (then he exposes them)

He refers to the mother of his children as b–ches or ugly b—hes,



Fails to care for his mother and barely cares for the children, unless they are there and in his face

He threatened to blacken one of their eyes and knock her teeth out (9 years old)

According to some his fav children are the 3 that he bore with the :love  of his life) Jualnita! However, even she got tired of his attitude and ridiculousness , left the harem and moved on to marry and give a man that values her a try,  Need I say more?

Britney says that she would live to have 6 children. However, Boosie has 8 and wants 3 more.


What do you guys think?

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