We Refuse To Forget Shaquille Oneal’s Disappearing Daughter

May I remind you of  a WHOLE GROWN DAUGHTER that Shaquille raised prior to moving on with the likes of Shaunie and Hoopz (Flavor of Love). Before the Million Dollar Endorsements, Movies and Pseudo Rap Career, there was a woman that rode shotgun with Shaquille Oneal. The couple allegedly planned to marry until  Arnetta Yardbourgh refused to sign a prenuptial agreement.

Arnetta Yarbourgh Shaq This is Arnetta Yarbourgh. Shaq’s love interest and mother of his oldest child .


CELEBAMNESIASHAQSDAUGHTERThis is an older picture of  Shaquille’s oldest daughter Taahirah O’Neal. born born July 18, 1996 (Currently 32 Years Old). I don;t think that she has been neglected at all by her father. I recall that she was very close with her  Paternal Grandparents and she has one more sister on her mom’s side. Not to mention her beautiful siblings on her dad’s side. The beautiful young woman currently resides with her mother in Houston, Texas. She goes hard for her father, inserting herself in all of his endeavors, including supporting community events and charities that he spearheads. It’s good to know that they are in a good space. I just need Shaq to be mindful of who he considers marrying. We don’t want anyone less than 32 at the alter……..   Taahira has witnessed some unsavory events in the past while living/visiting with her father. Watch out for those stories  It’s all love  .. but how soon we forget or NOT

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