Jada Pinkett Questions R.Kelly’s Sales. What About Her 13 Year Old In Bed With 20 Year Old Male-PICS



After Lifetime’s Documentary “Surviving R. Kelly” ( I will give my thought in a separate post), cute, petite and talented Jada actually questioned “Why sales in Kelly’s music increased?” Yes, it may sound sick and perverted or bass ackwards but has anyone else thought about why she never responded to a 13 year old Willow being in bed with a man that we know at least bared no shirt. The male was identified as 2o year old, Moises Arias. Arias is a former Hannah Montana Star.

We have no information of what the situation was underneath the sheet. Willow also appeared to be wrapped in the sheet.

We all have flaws but are quick to question or criticize others actions. However, in a situation so close in nature involving her child , oin a family who has pubically vowed to allow their children to do what makes them happy in life and only come to them when questions or situations arise in which they may need their parents opinions. Many have declared to never play another R. Kelly song but ummm OK. Unless she cash app’d , Paypal’d or sent the money in another fashion to gift the group who she’s questioning, she needs to move on to her next question. IJS


No explanation was ever given (not that they owed us one). but neither do people who chose to buy R.Kelly’s music instead of listening to it on YouTube for free.

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