What You Didn’t See In Surviving R. Kelly- Video



Lifetime premiered a 6 part docu-series, releasing what they allege to be true versions of families that have girls that have gone missing for years and they claim have been brainwashed by the singing superstar.

It’s not hard for me to separate the artistry from the man. One problem that I have is the lack of effort that has been put forth to capture the alleged victims.

R.Kelly obviously has and has had issues for quite some time. His brother Carey stated that that oldest sister raped the both of them when they were 6 and 10 years old. He stated that the oldest sister was their caregiver as their mom was always at work. They were afraid that their mom would not believe them and after trying to compare stories with Robert (R. Kelly)he says that his brother seemed to not be bothered by the actions of their sister and seemed to enjoy them. (*This information was relayed in an interview and not in this documentary,)

Interview With Carey Kelly

The documentary did nothing more than fill me in on the sicker details that I was not aware of.Some people watched the documentary and still took only bits and pieces from the show.

*Dominique’s mom captured her, only for Nique to disappear 3 days later to be with Kelly, but later returned home again.

*The gentleman that said that he had issues with the credence of the witnesses was not the judge , he was a juror.

*Azriel left with R. Kelly in Florida.

*Sparkle and R. Kelly once dated or at least had a sexual relationship.

*R. Kelly was not convicted for the video tape because although the jurors said that they had no question if it was him on the 26 minute sex video, they had trouble figuring out if the girl in the video was of age or under age.

*Sparkle’s niece said that she did not take partake in the video and her dad concurred. Sparkle was the only fan member that identified that it was her sister’s daughter in the tape.

*Lisa Van Allen also appeared in the tape. However, somehow before she took the the tape and it was revealed to the public, any parts including her had disappeared.

*Sparkle’s brother in law still plays for R, Kelly’s band.

*Joycelyn Savage’s sister made a diss rap song toward R.Kelly. Although she’s an aspiring singer,

It’s been stated that Kelly partakes in homosexual behavior. Such as allegedly having sex with a few close male friends including Bubba.

*His girls are made to keep their middle fingers clipped for insertion upn his request.

*Dominique was often forced to eat his feces.

*Ashante McGee allegedly told lies and her daughter was caught on a taped phone calls updating her BF on all her mother’s lies. Says that she was free to come and go to check on her kids and that her mom had designer bags and clothes along with thousands of dollars.

*JayZ ended his tour with R Kelly after a short run.

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