Wendy Williams SHOW Returned Today But….



So after her original return date of January 7, 2019 and blowing off her return for 2 weeks, her show returned. However, the host(s) were everyone but Wendy. Today for your entertainment, it was announced that this is Hot Talk Week and the 4 host will be Judge Faith Jenkins, Don Lemon, Elizabeth Wagmeister and Heather McDonald.

The last few months or nearly a year has been filled with rumor and innuendo in regard to Wendy’s husband, Kevin Hunter cheating, being abusive(allegedly mental and physically) and in addition to having had purchased a nearly million dollar home from his mistress, she is now said to be impregnated.

It’s been said that Kevin Hunter ( Wendy’s husband) has sold the house that he purchased for Sharina Hudson and that she has been relocated. It;s also been stated that Wendy has removed his name from her house as well.

The sad part is the lack of the a prenuptial and the fact that he is employed as her manager.

I’ve followed Wendy;s for a long time and has always recalled her stating that if she ever explored a divorce, that it would be once “the Boy” (her son) got grown and went to college. Welp! Little Kev started college this fall.

Last month, she showed up on screen with what she states was a hairline fracture in her arm and slurring her words as a result of allegedly taking pain meds.

I don;t know her issues but I have my opinions. I will watch it play out. I just don;t see her making it to Season 11 , as much as I love her show.


Don Lemon states that it takes four of them to replace Wendy and that they need her ti return at 400% but that she will return next Monday January 21, 2019. The same promise that she made 3 weeks ago.


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