It’s being reported that early Tuesday morning the famous co-star from Empire was jumped by men wearing masks that continually repeated racist and homophobic slurs. They broke numerous ribs and caused many other serious injuries to the star. To add insult to injury they doused the young man with bleach upon completion. Luckily, Smollett was able to fight off his attackers and make his way to a nearby hospital.

At the hospital, it was discovered that the actor suffered broken ribs and other traumatic physical injuries. Sources close to the talented, handsome and popular actor state that he received a letter in the mail about 8 days ago. It appeared to have come from a group that refers to themselves as, “MAGA”/ (Make America Great Again. A group that has linked themselves to president Ronald McDonald and their number one focus seem to be disrespecting and eliminating blacks and  preventing immigrants from other places to arrive in the United States, work and live comfortably.




During the hate crime there was also a noose tied to his neck and as the group departed the continually yelled MAGA. It’s sad that the group also made it clear that they were not done with him yet.

It is so sad that in today’s world we are so unwilling to allow others to live their lives and do what makes then happy as long as it has no bearing on us. Especially when it doesn’t affect us. There are so many negative things that this young man could be into. (i.e. He could be a psycho, homophobic, abusive loser commiting crimes like the  BS that happened to him outside the club.)

Also, I am led to believe that this is not any group associated with MAGA that are picking on him because he “just happens” to be black, famous and gay. It sounds more personal to me. They are said to have continually made reference to Empire as well. (and that has WHAT to do with WHAT??).

Jussie seems to be an educated, kind,thoughtful and talented young man. I hope that he makes a full recovery and can continue to pursue his dream that these punks tried to delay or STOP completely. It’s not that easy you scum! Weapons will form but won’t always prosper. Believe That!

The Chicago police department and FBI are retrieving video footage and is in the process of piecing this incident together. The Empire cast was staffed for an early Tuesday morning meeting to explain what happened and to advise the cast that from her on, each will be appointed their own security guard. Those are good steps toward preventing it from recurring. Too bad the plan was not proactive.

Lee Daniels and Al Sharpton are a few that have taken it upon themselves to publicly express their disgust with this incident.

Get better Soon Jussie


Source 1: TMZ

Source 2: GrapeJuice




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