jasminedominiquecrelebamnesiaCELEBAMNESIAENTLOGOOn January 20, 2019 the internet erupted after it was alleged that Jasmine Eiland was raped in a crowded Atlanta night club known as Opera , by a stranger as she partied alone on her birthday, January 19, 2019. There have been theories and opinions formed by people that did not take the time to view her entire 1-2 hour live!


I’m unsure what video the bulk of people that are quick to say that no assault took place saw; However, what I originally saw was footage that was over an hour long and detailed nearly every moment that Jasmine was in the club. Fortunately, I have no dog in the fight and I forgot which Youtubers page I found it on. No dog in the fight and no reason to lie on anyone or discredit this story. However, I do have  a damn opinion!

The only thing that I can find  are 24 and 30 minute videos , swearing that they include all of that night’s affairs.Which they don’t

-The initial video showed her entering the club, dancing and conversing with several people.

-Some of the people that she danced with, talked and laugh which at one point included two white girls, two white guys and a few other people that she encountered. None of the conversations were lengthy. She danced with the white guy and she clearly had on no underwear. He even complimented her on her naked behind.

-She danced and had a drink with one guy but continually stated to everyone around her , that she does not drink! It was her birthday and I guess she wanted to feel good. Again her naked behind did not entice either of these individuals to attempt to violate her~

-It was not until later that night that she fraternized with Dominique WIlliams with that dry a$$ come on line about how she must be a celebrity, He asked for her autograph and insisted that he was her body guard for the night

-He offered her a drink and she insisted that he go get it, because she did not want to lose the spot in when she deemed a good place to stand and still see what was going on. She admitted to only having 2 drinks that night. All along admitting that she does not drink,  but since it was her birthday..BIG UPZ (I guess)



-The initial drink that she consumed seemed to have little effect on on her. She talked to the DJ and asked him to shout her out for her birthday (before Mr. Creepy Man entered the picture._

-The video that I initially viewed also shows Dominique Williams humping her like a DOG, sticking his finger in her and then smelling it and also carrying her to another area where it was quiet and you could understand what they were saying better.

-Once physically re- locating her, he began caressing her and referring to her as baby . (with his delusional a$$) By then the act had been done.


The video also shows when whatever drug was mixed in her drink starts to take effect. This was well into the night and after she began drinking from a glass (an alcoholic drink that she allowed Mr. Williams to purchase and bring to her)  is when she looks to be succumbing to the after effects of whatever drugs were said to be in her drink. You could see her face and hear her asking for help. Watching this was painful as there’s nothing like being able to empathize with a person who wants to scream but is unable to do so. You can tell when the scenery changes or should I say  He begins calling her baby and comforting her as though they were alone and they were a couple. You can tell that she had clearly been relocated or redirected to another ,quieter part of the club. All of this took part before her “friends” arrived and before she entered the twerk contest. At some point J Bug realized that this was a stranger and although she states that his stature intimidated her, she basically removed her friend from his company, She said she looked up and he was in another girl’s face.


I have a question for J Bug. Why did you have to say that he smelled tart LMBO!




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