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Empire co-star Jussie Smollet was charged and booked into a Chicago Jail  on February 21, 2019. The 36 year old actor alleged  arranged an attack on himself and is said to have paid two Nigerian brothers who state that they are acquaintances of his, to stage a beating and attach a noose to his neck while screaming racial slurs filled with homophobic overtones and throwing bleach on him. According to some, there is a connotation between gay males and bleach and that it’s just not used to brighten your inner bum area. Will somebody tell me, PLeASE!

According to the police, Jussie went as far as to pay two Nigerian brothers to attack him at 2am in the morning , in twenty below zero weather, in Chicago, while walking to Subway for a salad. Once they beat him and “he fought the fuok back!”  and crowned himself” the new gay Tupac” claiming to have escaped two white homophobic , racists , that recognized him from Empire (umm yeah) with only a laceration under his eye and bruised ribs, Smollet was ok to perform his previously scheduled music concerts.  (was that the goal, to sell out seats or to have these to guys that you claim were white sell out?)

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There has been much speculation as to his alleged motives . However, one was to receive a pay increase after some have revealed that he only receives $1800 per episode. I can’t confirm or deny that. However if the @theorginalbigdaddy, Lee Daniels decides to compensate him, even though he has been removed from all but two episodes during this finale as punishment, then something fishy is definitely swimming around here.

Next time study  more  First 48 and Cop sepisodes to brush up on your black side and how you will be treated after lying. You were raised in a household with a black mother and a Jewish father, if these allegations are true, I wonder which parent felt the most slighted,

The noose and other tools that they used were yours, as you sat outside in the car waiting on them to come out of the store after purchasing them with your money.

I won’t be judgemental (clears throat)  and wait! SMH Remember guilty until proven innocent. Yeah this  only references a small portion in our world! As a matter of fact there are more white on white crimes as opposed to black on black , because more caucasians exist  in this country . So how about 2 to 1 when it comes to comparing murder states and like race crime..as we must work extra hard to reserve our race being that we are the minority and appear to be , becoming extinct.

Smullet’s next court date is March 15, 2019. On the same day he was taken into custody he was released on $160, 000 bail. Until the arrearage payments are made, he will be in lock up for at  least 179 days if he can’t pay the entire thing before 6 months lock up for arrears


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