Wendy Williams Removes Husband’s Name From Credits and Makes A Big Announcement


On Friday, Wendy Williams made an announcement during her Hot Topics. But first, we will talk about how Kevin (Kelvin) Williams can no longer be found in the credits of her show as Executive Producer and has also been reported to have been fired as her manager. After 10 seasons, helping “build the show” and supposedly sticking by her side as she built her brand, he is officially out of there.

It only took Wendy realizing that the chatter of a side chick of ten years to her husband was more than just a rumor and the realization that he had an entire baby with this younger woman has become the addition that she said that she said that she would never stick around for, had her husband been foolish enough to go out and make a baby on the side. Well, looks like he inserted that deal breaker that she warned him about.

So on Friday’s show, after a week of dart throwing, hints and innuendo, she felt it inevitable to reveal her new “single status” for the people in the back.

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