DANIEL HOLTZCLAW Former Oklahoma Officer Charged With Assault On Over 12 Black Women

Daniel Ken Holtzcltaw (born December 10, 1986) is a former Oklahoma City Police Department patrol officer who was convicted in December 2015 of multiple counts of rape, sexual battery, forcible oral sodomy, and other charges.

Holtzclaw was convicted of eighteen counts involving eight different women. (Wikipedia)




They media was quick to inform us that this cop was convicted but failed to confirm or deny the rumor that his case was thrown out after he was convicted and sentenced to 263 years for sexual battery charges with more than 12 black women.

Yes some of these some of these women seemed to have jumped on the bandwagon and others may  need to find the closest exist. However, EVERYONE IS NOT LYING ON DANIEL!

Even during his initial interrogation, some of his reactions had me doubting how truthful he was (NOT)! He clearly violated African American females, some of whom had extensive criminal pasts and some that were afraid .AFRAID  FOR FEAR OF ANOTHER  arrest that they felt as though they were under duress and that they had to allow him to have his way with him to avoid further trouble. They usually included them showing their breast or performing oral sex on him.

To be fair, I am hearing that he is only out until his appeal case is approved or denied However, I don’t want to be fair. As, the situation isn’t fair. I have followed this story and I feel that it was never spread across main stream media due to the victim’s vs the suspects races, socio- economic statuses , and his law enforcement background.

While trying to inquire about his prison stint, status of his appeal and release, he is no where to be found in the system. Officials claim that it’s because he is isolated from the general public. However, there have been so many appeals, go fund me accounts, documentaries and petitions filed and initiated in an effort to help free Ex Officer-Serial Sexual Assault Predator Holtzclaw.

This story is developing and I have decided to forward it to a Youtuber that I follow that does really good investigative reporting and gives great presentations. I wanted to make her aware and find out the real status.

Here are links regarding this story that may clarify some questions.



Here is a video of his initial interrogation.



Based on what I heard they later investigated many of those women and they had credible accusations but he seemed to have forgotten a lot about what happened after he made the stops, even those made immediately prior to his shift ending on this day, when he faced his first interrogation. Also, the fact that he couldn’t remember details of any situation that could help decide his guilt or innocence baffled me. His friends and family rallied together and formed a website, petitions and countless other legal  officials rallied against what they considered an injustice and this lead to a successful outcome, as the officer was released 5 years later. (or so it has been said)

These women seemed legitimately upset about being violated. I don’t care if they were homeless. doctors, actresses. rich, poor, prostitutes “need I go on”? His job was to protect these civilians/citizens instead of adding insult to injury. As if we need another reason to distrust or fear law enforcement..

CRTV: Daniel in the Den | The truth about Holtzclaw (Parts 1 and 2) – Watch and Discuss

Having witnessed the powers that be ‘ These officers exercise and some consider themselves modern day slave masters (for that reason) many minorities fear their authority.  The way that he answered some of the question all but confirmed his guilt, based on what I saw “in other words” my opinion!


There are many other videos available. However, all left to convince you of his innocence. (i’m not convinced)I couldn’t listen any more. So don’t you ever tell her that she  he Drop your opinions down-low. Nice when we can agree and even disagree with respect and love.


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