Mother of 8 Killed By Husband

Domestic Violence Victim Ashley Stephens Death

-A mother of 8 in Jacksonville, Florida was allegedly shot and killed by her husband

-Husband  had a history of domestic violence

-Children range in age between 4 and 18 years old

-Husband fled the scene and was later caught

-Family creates a GoFundMe Account: What I have observed with donation accounts

A mother of 8 was found shot and killed in the parking lot of Cross Creek Apartments in Jacksonville, Florida .

On October 6, 2018 police were dispatched to the apartment complex after receiving reports of shots fired. The woman was declared deceased when the police arrived. Neighbors reported seeing the victims husband fleeing in a small car shortly after the shooting.

Family members state that the couple had a rocky relationship. They were estranged couple, at times  were cordial and then could later be found ridiculing one another on social media.

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Bobby Brown’s Kids and Baby’s Mamas



We know that Amnesia is a partial loss of memory. It seems that Bobby Brown sometimes forgets to mention the children that he had prior to the 3 that he has with his current wife. Because we aren’t all nosey we fail to know few details on any of his other baby’s moms. However, We gotcha covered!


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