Do You Remember T-Pain’s Side Baby’s Mother


Photo Sourcemsctpainveleba

This chick happened to be my favorite on VH1’s Miss Rap Supreme. But few remember that Miss Cherry and T-Pain had a son, a love child , while he was still married *and remains so til this day to a wife that says she’s bout it out it, (or whatever)! It was not unusual as his wife had explained that she was a ride or die and was ok with him dealing with women on the other side and down with 3 somes. What I remembered most was that she was having trouble getting him to spend time with the child and pay support for their son and when she was bout to drag Khia,


Therefore. hearing of his lack of financial and emotional support at this point. doesn’t shock me.  Due to the lack of care that he failed to provide for his son. Do yall remember? She even sued him for child support. Source