Offset Arrested On Felony Charges Outside Of Atlanta


According to TMZ, rapper Offset,  father to a newborn 4th child with rapper wife Cardi B and 1/3 of the group migos was arrested after being stopped for operating a vehicle with skin tint that was too dark. The stop lead to the start of a search of the car where police discovered evidence that resulted in the Rapper to be  hit with 4 charges … possession of a firearm by a felon, possession of a weapon during a crime — both felonies — and possession of marijuana (one ounce or less), and an improper lane change … both misdemeanors. At the time of the arrest on 07/20/18 there was no information on if a bond had been set or posted. I will say that I tend to think that Ga and any other state have more lenient punishments for felonies committed by felons as opposed to FL. In addition to that LA is even more laxed. Lets hope Offset realizes the severity of his alleged crimes and if he is guilty to better so that he can be their for his wife and all of his CHURREMS! Good Luck @Offsetym



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Source Source: TMZ

Scott Storch Discusses Addiction, Recovery and Losing 100 Millions Dollars to Drugs and Other Frivolous Purchases

Scott Storch has Done Press Junkettes for the last several weeks discussing his documentary and the fact that he has recovered and revolved. His interviews advises us that we can find his Documentary on Vevo.

Why does his interviews seem to offer more in depth information about what lead to his downfall than the nearly 20 minute documentary does. I’m clearly hoping that I’m missing something! In one interview he talked about doing crazy things such as already owning a 90 foot yacht. He said that he met a famous girl that he refused to name but was determined impress and put several of his items into hock to come up with 18 million dollars to purchase a yacht that offered 40 more feet to impress this mystery woman that he said was in power at the time and that he wanted to impress this person that I allege as Paris Hilton. This detailed interview was with the breakfast club and could be found here Click To Watch Scott Storch’s Documentary