The Have and The Have Nots: Real Live Characters That May Surprise You (Candace Young aka Tika Sumpter)


HATHN is my favorite show and one of the more popular shows on Oprah’s network. Many of us just kick back on Tuesday nights at 9 pm EST awaiting the evening soap opera that we have come to (empathize in some cases)  and even love and hate. So with that being said, I love to know what’s going on behind the surface and these are just a few tidbits behind the scenes/past that you may not be aware of. Read More »


Aretha Franklin’s Immediate Family 4 Sons.



Aretha Franklin’s eldest son is Clarence Franklin that she gave birth to at age 12. She named him Clarence after her father’s name  and also gave their her surname, Franklin. Clarence, 12 years younger her Junior is now said to be incapacitated and being cared for by a niece,

After naming him after her dad , he was accused of fathering her son. Read More »