Big Freedia Queen of Bounce w/ Wendy Williams *VIDEOS*

bigfreediawendywilliamscelebamnesuaWendy Williams has a new segment that can only be found on line. The name of the new piece  is “Backseat Heat”.

It’s brand new, which means that they are very few episodes available. However, I like them all. Interestingly enough, Big Freedia was the most recent guest and Read More »


Dallas Austin Pays Tribute to Kim Porter Pics & Videos via Social Media and at Homegoing

 Kim Porter was born on December 16, 1971 in Columbus, GA and passed to an undisclosed related short-term illness likened to the flu or pneumonia on November 15, 1971

Prior to Diddy , Kim dated Dallas Austin and even attended their high school prom with him in 1988, He gave a touching post and reflected at her home going service on how she was all he knew, ALL OF HIS LIFE. In so many words, he recalled how they met in kindergarten and both ended up in the ATL on successful paths at one point. He then informed everyone of a little known fact that The Movie Drumline was loosely based on the relationship that the two shared.  Nick Cannon portrayed as Austin and Zoe Saldana portrayed Porter. 


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Rest In Power: The Trayvon Martin Story


In case you missed it, on July 30, 2018 the new Paramount Network and BET aired The Trayvon Martin Story. This documentary basically took you behind the scenes. revealing things that had never been mentioned in the press. It gives you an inside look of the habits that would lead one to believe that prejudice was the basis of this shooting and that Zimmerman is an overzealous wanna be cop. His intention seemed to be to  Read More »

Tia(llondra) Kemp aka Rick Ross Baby Mama Lets Him Have It (AGAIN)

Yeah I like Rick Ross audacious and disdain behavior that he presents when it comes to her son Lil Will. Just as his music made me a fan his actions ran me away.

There are many rappers and other successful men that are portraying to be shit that they aren’t (when it comes to their children) and it’s the same scenario. I had a love for their music but the manner in which they treat some of their innocent children is sickening. I would say that you’d be surprised but no you wouldn’t be. Think of some of your deadbeat baby daddy’s that has a decent income but refuses to do right by the child. Sometimes they want you to pass p**y in exchange for being indebted to their child. Read more below.
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Scott Storch Discusses Addiction, Recovery and Losing 100 Millions Dollars to Drugs and Other Frivolous Purchases

Scott Storch has Done Press Junkettes for the last several weeks discussing his documentary and the fact that he has recovered and revolved. His interviews advises us that we can find his Documentary on Vevo.

Why does his interviews seem to offer more in depth information about what lead to his downfall than the nearly 20 minute documentary does. I’m clearly hoping that I’m missing something! In one interview he talked about doing crazy things such as already owning a 90 foot yacht. He said that he met a famous girl that he refused to name but was determined impress and put several of his items into hock to come up with 18 million dollars to purchase a yacht that offered 40 more feet to impress this mystery woman that he said was in power at the time and that he wanted to impress this person that I allege as Paris Hilton. This detailed interview was with the breakfast club and could be found here Click To Watch Scott Storch’s Documentary