Kim Porter’s Homecoming: AL B Sure

AL B Sure made it a point to attend @ladykp ‘s Homegoing Service and like many celebrities  he paid tribute on Social Media. He expressed his undying love for her and the powerful and positive impact that she  left with everyone that she encountered.

Al B Sure  along with Diddy, approached the podium to support his biological son that he shared with Ms. Porter. Regardless of what others state, Brown and Kim were never married. As a matter of fact, she remained single throughout her life.




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Big Freedia Queen of Bounce w/ Wendy Williams *VIDEOS*

bigfreediawendywilliamscelebamnesuaWendy Williams has a new segment that can only be found on line. The name of the new piece  is “Backseat Heat”.

It’s brand new, which means that they are very few episodes available. However, I like them all. Interestingly enough, Big Freedia was the most recent guest and Read More »

Dallas Austin Pays Tribute to Kim Porter Pics & Videos via Social Media and at Homegoing

 Kim Porter was born on December 16, 1971 in Columbus, GA and passed to an undisclosed related short-term illness likened to the flu or pneumonia on November 15, 1971

Prior to Diddy , Kim dated Dallas Austin and even attended their high school prom with him in 1988, He gave a touching post and reflected at her home going service on how she was all he knew, ALL OF HIS LIFE. In so many words, he recalled how they met in kindergarten and both ended up in the ATL on successful paths at one point. He then informed everyone of a little known fact that The Movie Drumline was loosely based on the relationship that the two shared.  Nick Cannon portrayed as Austin and Zoe Saldana portrayed Porter. 


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Kim Porter’s Passing At 47 years old


I was shocked to hear of the passing of Kim Porter at only 47 years old. This was heartbreaking. She seemed so sweet and humble. She appeared to be a great mother with a wonderful heart! Ironically, the morning before I heard of her passing, I’d been watching the movie “Paid In Full”., that somewhat loosely  detailed a few tragedies that her family was forced to deal with.

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Kim Porter’s FAMILY Past Tragedies Revealed


UPDATE: 11/28/2018  After all of these years of being informed of the fact that Kim Porter and Rich Porter, whom was portrayed in the movie “Paid In Full” as, this has been proved  to be misinformation. I don’t blame myself, but the fact that I had no means of easily researching when the movie was hitting and the LIE was going around ! LESSON: The internet “aint nuttin to f*ck with! 

So after watching “Paid In Full” and listening to a detailed interview yesterday morning with Azie. I felt it very ironic once I logged off and back on , to hear about the sad passing on Kim Porter. Although I’d seen the movie and interview many times, I can never get over how slimmy some of those suspects were in the movie,in real like.

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