Khloe Gives Birth, Tristan Present and Khloe Names Baby



Khloe was said to have given birth on April 12. The birth was reportedly due to the shock of the news that her boo had cheated and the pressure or stress involved with the cheating scandal.


After receiving the news that her beau had allegedly been caught with 3 or more women, Kardashian reportedly started experiencing contractions. While some outlets report that she’d gone into early labor, it was previously reported that the baby was due in March (Anyways).

Regardless of the betrayal of trust and how angry Khloe may have been, Tristan was present during the delivery. He accompanied Kim, Kris and Khloe’s best friend Malika Haqq as they were all present at the hospital in Cleveland during the birth of the couple;s daughter that they named True Thompson.


Khloe has said had been released from the hospital. Kris stayed with her a few days after the birth of the child. She departed Ohio on April 17, 2018 and as soon as it is deemed safe for Khloe and her newborn to travel, they will return to California.


No news on the status of the current relationship. But there has got to be some tension there!


My opinion is: Khloe knew what she had when she got with him. They began dating while Thompson’s ex Jordan was 8 months pregnant. Khloe and Tristan met and Eniko and Kevin Hart’s wedding. (Eniko and Jordan are 1st cousins) where Jordan and Tristan attended as a couple. Thompson left a whole pregnant fiance to be with Khloe.


naming the baby Karma would have been appropriate. However, Khloe chose this name in honor of her Grandfather and another relative that carried the same title.


Source: TMZ, People


Tristan’s Most Recent Tryst


Lani Blair is the woman that the Cleveland Cavaliers NBA star was caught on tape making out with in a New York night club this past weekend. The 28 year old bartender (at the strip club) spent the entire weekend in Thompson’s Penthouse.

During one of  Thompson and Blair’s outings, he sported a pair of camouflage track pants  ,  a white hoodie and a  Louis Vuitton Supreme Jacket. Blair appeared to have worn the same body suit from the previous night accompanied by a pair of Givenchy high top shoes that sell for $495.


After their Sunday outing at Soho,the pair returned to the hotel  at approximately 5:00 am Monday morning. Later that evening Tristan’s team was scheduled to play the New York Knicks. Tristan’s performance on the court since becoming involved with Khloe is said to have been lackluster and that it’s been said that he is making $16 million dollars annually for talent that has gone from sugar to sh!t. Needless to say he has taken two L’s so far this week. One for  Khloe and another to the Knicks.

The onlooker that recorded this weekend’s incident states that they were at the table next to the customer and they seemed to make out with all night, seemed to have made out all night.

They say it appears as though he used Stephanie’s phone as opposed to his that night. Blair hung on the Pro Baller’s shoulder as he talked and text on Steph’s cell phone. People requested to take selfies with him and he refused.

Lani is said to have left Tristan’s hotel room with her Louis Vuitton duffle bag around 8:00 pm on Monday evening.

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The Specs on Tristan Thompson’s Side Chicks Come As They Attempt To Come Forward

Stephanie is one of  the two chicks that could be seen in the video that was taken in October of 2017.

Stephanie is the chick that appears in the video with Tristan and the other two women. The video that Stephanie appears in was apparently taped in mid October . Now that the video has been made public, Stephanie says that she may as well mention that she;s pregnant and that the child might be Tristan’s.

Stephanie claims to have had an affair with Tristan , leaked a sex tape and text messages between the two of them. Stephanie (aka @ms.stephaniee) is said to be the second woman that appears on the video.

In the video Thompson embeds his face in her breast while laughing  and the other woman seen in the video (Marie) reaches over and rubs his crotch.

At the time the footage was taken, Kardashian should have been around 3 months pregnant.


Continue reading to see all the Thot out into getting with Tristan.MarieTristanCelebanb (  Marie is photo’d above and is the other chick in the video filmed in October.)

Marie is the chick caught grabbing his crotch and states that she didn’t know that Kardashian was with child. At the time the video was made, I can believe her. She says that she is not into breaking up happy homes. I have the feeling that she gives less than a damn though.



Stephanie claims to have had an affair with Tristan. With all of the other women and receipts, who should doubt her? Except, she claims to be pregnant with Thompson’s child and has posted a sex tape and alleges that she and Tristan are the 2  stars that appearing in the video.

Tristan’s Other Baby’s Mama: 10 Things You Should Know



1. Her name is Jordan Craig

2. She dated Tyga at one time. (screwed. dated or whatever)

3. Her relationship with Tristan was interrupted after Tristan met Khloe at her 1st cousin’s {Eniko’s)wedding.

Jordan’s first cousin is Kevin Hart’s wife, Eniko . Khloe and Tristan met at Eniko and Kevin’s funeral wedding, where Tristan was Jordan’s date. I thought then and even more so now that that was some low gown dirty ish!

4. She was previously an “Instagram Model.

5.Khloe made sure that Tristan didn’t miss a moment.

When Jordan realized that she was in labor. Khloe arranged a private jet for Tristan , to ensure that he was there to witness the birth of his first child.

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Tristan Cheats on His Pregnant Fiance, Khloe Kardashian


According to many blog sites (teatenders_liv, TMZ, Daily Mail etc) Tristan Thompson has been getting his groove on with someone (several someones) other than his  popular Reality TV Star 9 month pregnant “fiance” (I use that term loosely) .

The rumor started with the posting above. However many more articles of truth would bring light to several other accusations with proof. This first video refers to the woman in the video as a brunette while I wonder if they just meant black? How ever, upon further investigation she appears bi racial.


Source TMZ

This video portrays Tristan in the company of 3 women one of which he takes back to his hotel with him


Sheree Has Kim’s Back After Kim Has Stabbed Her in Hers


Season 10 of Real Housewives of Atlanta made my head spin. Between Kenya’s absence and the rumors of her pregnancy to wondering where this loyalty to Kim from Sheree came from. As well as the assumption that Kim would never throw her under the bus.

Ok, we know that she introduced her to Kroy at the ” Dancing with the Stars of Atlanta” event. But this was after the wig shifting of Kim’s hair piece and straightening her for alleged comments that she made about Sheree .  However, there was nothing as hilarious as when the gang appeared on Ellen and Kim dragged Sheree for filth. She would not let up. She constantly reminded Sheree of bouncing bad checks. obtaining clothing from places such as Neiman Marcus and she also spoke on the negative light shone upon Sheree at other shopping boutiques etc.    You can review the “best friends” interactions in the videos below.

Did OJ Simp(le)son Admit To Murdering Ex Wife and Her Alleged Lover?

It sure appears that way. That’s why narcissists should watch what they say before they say  it. We already know that your conversation 9 times out of 10 will center around “you”, so know that you should think before you talk.



OJ’s Admission Interview
After a video that was reportedly missing for the last 10 years, mysteriously appeared within the last week. It has been advertised that Simpson’s confession was caught on tape. The interviews and discussion that led to the conversation of OJ possibly being involved with the crimes resurfaced after he wrote a book entitled “If I Did It”, where he “hypothetically discusses how he would have carried out the murders of his ex wife Nicole Brown-Simpson and her “friend” Ronald Goldman. Somehow, Simpson began to refer to himself in the first person and as though he was there when the entire thing went down. Til this day (literally) I have always given the former NFL’r and Hall of Famer the benefit of the doubt.

He was found not guilty by a jury of his peers after going against racist, corrupt cops that were determined to see to it that he did time for a crime in which his fate had been predetermined prior to his indictment.  Law enforcement had already sentenced him.


Credit: TMZ